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Using Zeolite and SilaLive Silica to Remove Heavy Metals

With the environment that we live in today, it is likely that we are exposed to excessive amounts of heavy metals, toxins and other harmful chemicals. As these elements enter our body system through food, drinks, air, and even the shower, it is possible to get heavy metal poisoning. Excessive amounts of heavy metals can cause cancer, neurological disorders, learning problems, hormonal imbalances, depression, thyroid problems, and food allergies. We need a remedy to detoxify our bodies from these heavy metals so that we can finally live a healthier life.

Heavy metal detoxification is absolutely necessary to remove toxic substances from our body. With as much as we are exposed to nowadays, there is no other way that the body can remove the excess metals on its own. Science has created artificial techniques to detoxify the body such as chelation therapy (which uses chelating agents to remove excess heavy metals from the body) and dialysis. Some medical practitioners promote a slow detoxification process through a proper diet and it could take awhile. However, the best way is to rid your body of the excess heavy metals using a supplement and then follow a proper diet to stay toxin-free.

Food supplements have been manufactured to support the body’s need to obtain the right amounts of vitamins, nutrients and detoxification. Manufacturers have produced several products for people to use just to maintain good health. D-Lite3 Zeolite and SilaLive silica supplements are examples of products that help in the detoxification process. Both these substances cleanse and detoxify the body in the safest, most efficient and natural manner.

D-lite3 zeolite is a natural food supplement that is loved by many people as it is natural, safe and efficient. This product contains two unique zeolite minerals that carry a negative charge. Ingesting the substance will make all positively charged elements bond with these minerals for natural flushing. It then removes of the positively charged heavy metals, toxins and harmful chemicals from the body through perspiration, urine, and feces.

Taking SilaLive silica restores and rejuvenates your energy levels. Silica is the most abundant mineral found in the body. In fact, there is more silica in the body than iron. It is the foundation of our bones. This element enables the body to absorb essential nutrients. Without this element, humans would not be able to survive. SilaLive is the purest silica supplement found on the market these days. With the right dosage, proper levels of silica in the body bond with calcium to prevent such as osteoporosis that causes deterioration of the bones. It also strengthens other body parts like teeth, vital organs and the skin. Silica also acts as a detoxifier by removing heavy metals, parasites, bacteria, viruses, mycotoxins, fungus and molds in the body.

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Heavy Metal Detox Guide:

Note: Any natural heavy metal detox program needs to do 3 important things.

1) thoroughly detox at the cellular level (in order to detox heavy metals, penetrating the cell's wall is vital.

2) The particle size must be micronized for ultra absorption, adsorption, and utilization.

3) Ability to safely bind and remove heavy metals in a natural way by flushing out through the urine.

Be sure to check out the new Whole Body Detoxification Program that offers Cellular and Systemic Cleansing of Heavy Metals.