Natural Heavy Metal Detox Program

Natural Heavy Metal Detox

We will have some amazing things coming in regards to how you can naturally cleanse and detox your body of harmful toxins and heavy metals. These 2 natural supplements do more than just detox, they detox at the cellular level (which means they are micronized down in particle size), but they help flush them in out in a safe and effective way. The silalive will also help rebuild the body as silica plays an important role in bone health, joint health, skin, nails, hair, and more.

How zeolite helps in the fight against cancer

The alternative prevention and treatment for cancer comes with a new amazing natural based product called zeolite. Liquid zeolite found on the market for human consumption is made from raw zeolite which is a crystalline mineral buried in the ground. Zeolite forms when the lava from erupting volcanoes hits the sea or groundwater.There are more than 100 different types of zeolite rocks identified with also this many uses – from absorbing kitty litter to absorbing nuclear spills. But the use we are interested in is the one that affects our health in a good way and is marketed as a nutritional supplement. For this use, there is a special kind of zeolites called “Chabazite and Clinoptilolite “.

In its origin form, zeolite is a rock with many beneficial properties. The Chabazite and Clinoptilolite zeolite are negatively charged mineral with a honeycomb molecular structure. It is a unique crystalline substance magnetized and structured like this, properties which are essential for the health role zeolite plays in our bodies.

When the crystals in zeolite are near molecules with a positive magnetic charge (like all the heavy metals like mercury, cadmium, lead and strontium and all the toxins), they attract it like a magnet.

We are exposed every day to heavy metals or toxins through the air we breathe, the water we drink or the food we eat….
The honeycomb structure traps these molecules and keeps them trapped like in a cage. The zeolite has even the capacity to draw itself as a heavy metal or toxic molecule and pull it into its structure, this being the reason why zeolite has been used for radioactive spills, pool filtration or kitty litter.

We are exposed every day to heavy metals or toxins through the air we breathe, the water we drink or the food we eat. Once taken, zeolite passes into our bloodstream and starts to attract all these toxins, even the ones our body doesn’t even recognize, for almost 8 hours. After 8 hours in our body, zeolite is naturally eliminated and the toxins it had gathered. This is why zeolite is considered one of the best detoxifying agents.

But how this mineral can help in the fight against cancer, you may ask. First, zeolite itself is not a cure for cancer. There are many cancer patients claiming how much this mineral helped them cure and we can believe them because it is a logical explanation. By removing the heavy metals and toxins and restoring the blood’s ph balance, the immune system will be free to focus on the disease and the affected cells in the body. Not to mention how much it keeps the disease away if taken as a disease prevention treatment.

Zeolite is not a miraculous cure for cancer, but it definitely helps the body to fight more efficiently the disease by releasing it from the environment’s poisonings.

Scientists, medical professionals, and doctors agree that toxins invading our systems are at the root of many major health problems. D-lite3 Zeolite supplement is clinically formulated in a natural way to remove the heavy toxins, metals, and other harmful substances. With a little caring and wise thinking, you can stay away from disease and enjoy life.

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Heavy Metal Detox Guide:

Note: Any natural heavy metal detox program needs to do 3 important things.

1) thoroughly detox at the cellular level (in order to detox heavy metals, penetrating the cell's wall is vital.

2) The particle size must be micronized for ultra absorption, adsorption, and utilization.

3) Ability to safely bind and remove heavy metals in a natural way by flushing out through the urine.

Be sure to check out the new Whole Body Detoxification Program that offers Cellular and Systemic Cleansing of Heavy Metals.