Natural Heavy Metal Detox Program

The Need To Detoxify The Body

What are chemicals and toxins?

Industry data records from EPA (environmental protection agency) indicated that a total of 1.2billion pounds of chemicals that a re potentially harmful to humans were present in the air in water in 1998. Its now the year 2011 and in the past years contamination has not decrease but instead has become more harmful to human health.
Currently there are 81,000 chemicals use in the United States. As scary as it sound only less than 9% of the chemicals use have been tested to be non harmful to humans immune, reproductive or nervous system.

Truth is that chemicals can be harmful to anyone, any age, and any circumstances, such as pregnant women, elder people, unborn child, and even those with weaker immune systems, suffering from cancer or any other diseases.

Industrial processes that end up in our body release a high number of pollutants and toxins chemicals, heavy metal such as lead, mercury, nickel, cadmium and arsenic.

Is there a reason to panic?
More than panicking we should find a solution to the problem. Luckily for all of us there is a solution against these silent killers and the solution has been buried in earth for years. The solution to these pollutants is Zeolite!
Zeolite it’s a volcanic rock formed by a combination of volcanic ash and salt water from the sea. Some naturals differences such as geographic locating and temperature can influence the types of zeolite that will form. These small different make each zeolite unique, and provides it with unique structure.

How Does Zeolite work as a Natural Heavy metal Detoxifier?

Zeolite hard micro porous, honey comb structure it’s permeated with cavities throughout its structure. These cavities and openings are spaces and cavities where toxins are trap and are able to clean the body’s inside.

Zeolite Silicon building block it’s electrically neutral, but the aluminum building block carries a strong negative charge that functions as a magnet to toxins and free radicals in the body.

Helping to attract toxins, to flush them out through urination or excreted by the feces.

Zeolites has been use in many industries before, including water purification, animal feed to reduce the production of ammonia, air filters and many others.
Detoxification of the body tin the times we are living its not and option but a necessary due tot the harmful chemicals we are exposed to everyday. To obtain optimal health and fight the symptoms of pollution and radiation, Zeolite is the best solution!

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Heavy Metal Detox Guide:

Note: Any natural heavy metal detox program needs to do 3 important things.

1) thoroughly detox at the cellular level (in order to detox heavy metals, penetrating the cell's wall is vital.

2) The particle size must be micronized for ultra absorption, adsorption, and utilization.

3) Ability to safely bind and remove heavy metals in a natural way by flushing out through the urine.

Be sure to check out the new Whole Body Detoxification Program that offers Cellular and Systemic Cleansing of Heavy Metals.