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Heavy metals are natural elements found on Earth. Humans need to ingest a certain amount of heavy metals to some extent including zinc, selenium and copper which are necessary to maintain the metabolism of our body. They enter our body through the food, liquids and air that we ingest each day. Other heavy metals that are needed by the body include cobalt, iron, molybdenum and manganese. There are other heavy metals which may prove useful or harmful to the human body; and this will be discussed in this article.

However, having excessive levels of heavy metals can lead to poisoning and damage your body. Heavy metals that are toxic include lead, mercury, cadmium, copper and plutonium. These heavy metals create serious health problems if there is a high concentration of them in your body.

The primary reason why humans suffer from excessive heavy metals is pollution. The purification of metals such as the preparation of nuclear fuels and the smelting of copper is one major cause of heavy metal pollution. When these pollutants enter the body, these become toxic (and sometimes carcinogenic) which affect the liver, kidneys, teeth, bones, skin and the central nervous system. These heavy metals can even affect marine life and seabirds if contaminants should enter their breeding grounds.

Excessive amounts of mercury and lead results in the damage of the brain as well as the central nervous system. Copper may play an essential role to one’s body, but excessive amounts of copper can cause stomach and intestinal irritation, anemia, kidney damage, and liver damage. An excessive amount of cadmium can possibly damage the renal and the respiratory systems and cause lung cancer.

Because of the harmful effects that these heavy metals cause to our body parts, manufacturers have produced certain food supplements that eliminate heavy metals in the body. These products are designed to provide extreme health benefits for the body by removing heavy metals that have been accumulating over time in your body. These products that will detoxify your body are known as D-lite3 Zeolite, which can detoxify and balance pH levels of the body and Silalive Silica, which restores silica to your body. Silalive replenishes the required silica that is needed for the absorption process of minerals and vitamins in your body.

These products produce an optimal state of well-being to make your body function normally. Each of these products performs specific functions that will detoxify your body from harmful elements like toxins, heavy metals, and other chemicals. Once you have used these products, your energy level and mental clarity are increased and you will feel healthier knowing you can live a healthy toxin-free life.

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Heavy Metal Detox Guide:

Note: Any natural heavy metal detox program needs to do 3 important things.

1) thoroughly detox at the cellular level (in order to detox heavy metals, penetrating the cell's wall is vital.

2) The particle size must be micronized for ultra absorption, adsorption, and utilization.

3) Ability to safely bind and remove heavy metals in a natural way by flushing out through the urine.

Be sure to check out the new Whole Body Detoxification Program that offers Cellular and Systemic Cleansing of Heavy Metals.